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Opening a digital space by leveraging technology increases productivity, flexibility, & efficiency, while reducing costs.

The Digital Workspace that brings teams together.

Experience the benefits of face-to-face social interaction, enhanced communication, increased productivity, and fun with our digital office platform that brings the real-life office back to life.

FWL Office

A single platform for efficient teamwork, collaboration and reduced office costs.

  • Freedom to customize your personalized avatar
  • Enhance employee experiences through immersive visual environments
  • Use advanced tools to facilitate efficient teamwork
  • Maintain a cohesive and professional workspace with company branding
FWL Meet

All-in-one solution for virtual meetings, brainstorming and collaboration.

  • Experience meetings in a new way with themed virtual environments
  • Easily invite anyone to join with a simple code
  • Make a lasting impression with personalized avatars
  • Brainstorm and sketch with fully equipped virtual whiteboard
FWL Classroom

Make remote studying interactive experience and grasp the attention of every atendee.

  • Monitor the progress of your students in real-time
  • Take notes and ask questions more easily with chat box feature
  • Use the whiteboard and screen sharing feature for clear and reliable communication
  • Foster a sense of community by engaging with other students

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