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Take the leverage of digital classrooms and shape the understanding of studying to the next level.
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Where education is fun, exciting, and compelling.

Global online education market by 2025


Institutions can save per credit hour


Of US students took classes exclusively online


Raised retention rates


Virtual environment will be the key to fostering top-level education for future generations.

Make the most out of your studies

Live, synchronous setting

This feature allows real-time interactions, which are especially important for courses that require collaboration and immediate feedback. Teachers are available to provide immediate support and guidance, ensuring that students have all the tools to succeed.


Imagine being able to fully customize your virtual representation, choosing from clothes and hairstyle to facial features. Not only is this a fun and exciting way to express yourself, but it allows you to fully immerse yourself in the learning experience.

Innovative features

Every classroom has been equipped with high-quality technology, allowing for clear and reliable communication. An interactive whiteboard, with functions to draw, write, share screens, and more will help to create a dynamic and engaging learning environment.


A variety of different environments can help students to stay engaged while learning by providing opportunities for hands-on, interactive experiences that can capture their attention and keep them motivated.


Our classrooms bring people together, no matter where you are. With our advanced technology and innovative features, you can stay connected with friends and classmates even when learning remotely.

Progress tracking

This is a useful tool for teachers to track students’ progress and identify areas where they may need additional support. By using these features, teachers can help ensure that all students are able to succeed in their virtual learning environments.

Online learning reduces energy

Consumption by 90%

Future Work Land is a sustainable and environmentally-friendly choice for education.

Modern solutions for modern kids…

Give the new generation the stimuli they need to achieve academic success

Modern solutions for modern kids.

Give the new generation the stimuli they need to achieve academic success.

Ensure that your students are on the right track. Follow class attendance and student progress via online polls and analytics.

Virtual classrooms provide you with the most immersive experience. Fully customizable 3D environments with innovative features inside.

Anyone can join a class with a simple code, or create their permanent account with an email address. Few steps to create your avatar and you’re in the class!

Let’s learn and grow together.

  • Select a classroom theme by the topic
  • Upload course material
  • Modern tools
  • Lesson recording
  • Simultaneous classes
  • Avatar engagement
  • Join from anywhere
  • Unique avatars
  • Pay learning games
  • Internal chats and group conversations
  • Social activities
  • The joy of gamification

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Future Work Land digital Classroom be used for any subject?

Our virtual classroom is very flexible and custom-designed. Just like any physical classroom this remote learning environment can provide any subject needs to bring people together for more efficient and engaging learning.

Does it matter where I am physically located?

Our goal is to assist distributed teams, such as yours, regardless of their physical location. Our platform currently supports teams located on 6 continents - so if there is internet connection, it will work just fine.

Is it expensive to use a digital Classroom?

On the contrary, Future Work Land helps to reduce costs. By transitioning to a fully virtual model, you can eliminate fixed overhead expenses that are formed while keeping a physical classroom. Digital classrooms can also cut down on travel expenses.

Are Classrooms developed only for studying?

Future Work Land Classrooms can be implemented and used for various purposes, take a look at some of them:

  • Students can have usual classes, immerse themselves in group projects or enjoy group team building activities. It’s a platform where students can hang out, create relationships and discover new possibilities.
  • Gamified education makes kids stay engaged and hungry for more.

Gamified education make kids stay engaged
and hungry for more.

Take a chance and provide new, modern solutions and create an exciting environment to constantly engage students.

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