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Virtual offices at FWL offer convenience and versatility for effective remote work and collaboration with your team.
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Enhance your work experience with our cutting-edge digital office environment.

U.S. companies that are fully remote


Better work-life balance


Less absences working remotely


More productive work while working offsite


From customizable workspaces and seamless video conferencing to real-time collaboration tools, we’ve got everything you need to work smarter.

Bring your team together

Office environment

A customizable office environment allows users to tailor the layout and features of their digital workspace to their specific needs and preferences. With this feature, users have the freedom to create a work environment that is comfortable and efficient for them.


Businesses can incorporate their brand features. This helps to create a cohesive and professional look, and can also help to establish a strong brand presence within the workspace. Create a personalized and professional digital environment for your employees and clients.


Create a digital representation of yourself, personalize your appearance and bring your unique personality to the forefront. Whether you’re having a meeting with colleagues or collaborating on projects, your avatar will be there to represent you.


Plan your office and assign each employee a seat for a specific department. No more hunting trying to find the right people - each of your teams gets its dedicated workspace, complete with specialized tools.

Office assistant

Our digital office assistant bot is here to help you with all your needs, from answering simple questions to resolving more complex issues. This helps to streamline your work and keep you on track, and also reduces the burden on HR by handling many HR-related communications.


Get ready to brainstorm, sketch, and collaborate in a whole new way with our digital office’s whiteboard feature. Highly equipped conference rooms with the latest technology tools including whiteboards and screen share boards, allow the creation of dynamic visual presentations, mind maps, and diagrams in real time.

Increase employee engagement

Up to 78%

Future Work Land helps to improve employee retention while making remote work engaging and innovative.

Boost your business’s edge over the competition with a revolutionary digital office.

Unleash the full potential of your team - spark social connections, fuel work engagement and productivity, and keep team spirit sky-high.

Step into the future of work

Unique functionalities that will help your business flourish.

Allows you to stay connected with your colleagues only while their avatars are present in the office. Create a healthy work-life balance by limiting your connectivity to work outside of your work hours.

Foster a sense of community within the workplace. You can virtually meet up with your coworkers in a lobby or cafeteria, or play games together in dedicated spaces. It’s a great way to take a break from work and connect with your colleagues in a more relaxed and social setting.

Design your office to fit your style and needs. The office customization feature allows a personalized work environment. With a variety of templates available, it’s easy to create a functional and visually appealing space that inspires productivity and creativity.

FWL Office to benefit both your company and your employees:

  • Reduced operational costs by 90%
  • Employee engagement with gamification features
  • Employee retention
  • Enhanced client experience
  • Modern, up-to-day solution
  • Improved overall productivity
  • Sustainable product with environmental benefits
  • Work anytime, from anywhere
  • Social connection creation
  • Game zone
  • Improved work-life balance
  • Office assistant bot
  • Simplified joining process
  • Voice insulation

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Future Work Land digital office be used in my industry?

Our Virtual Office is very flexible and custom-designed, thus, it can be applied to nearly every organizational type and industry to bring people together in an online ‘place’ that truly creates connection.

Does it matter where my team is physically located?

We currently support teams across 6 continents; the whole point of FutureWork Land is to support distributed teams like yours, no matter what their physical location is. We have not yet tried Antarctica though! But if there is internet connection, it will work just fine.

Is it expensive to use a digital office?

On contrary, FutureWork Land helps to reduce costs. Switching to a full-time virtual or remote model eliminates fixed overhead costs like office space and furniture. Installing a digital office can also cut down on travel expenses.

How do I use the digital office?

FutureWork Land can be implemented and used for various purposes, here are some of them:

  • Virtual Coworking Space
  • It allows you to hang out with your teammates in a virtual space bringing the opportunity for better interaction, spontaneous meetings, and fast collaboration.
  • Virtual office
  • With rooms for shared work, conference rooms, common areas, and spaces for entertainment.
  • Project rooms
  • Where you can add your favorite project management tools.
  • Having fun at work
  • Walk in and out of the conversations, meet your co-workers for lunch or to play games and discuss the latest news, just like you would in real life!

Bring a touch of fun and gamification
to the workday.

Transform your remote work experience and keep the team spirit alive.

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